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Let Me Show You My “Shortcut Method” for Launching Successful Ads & Funnels in the Next 30 Days!

If You're Selling Info Products, Supplements, Ecommerce Goods, Coaching Packages or ANYTHING Online, THIS is for You!

And You're Protected By My

Using My Methods!

From ZERO to 40K In ONE Day & $191,923 in Just Over 1 Week!

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results will vary.

From ZERO To Over $7000 A Day in 5 Days...

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results will vary.
Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results will vary.
Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results will vary.

Thousands of People Around The World Are Using The 30 Day Challenge to Grow Their Business... Will You Be Next?

For the next 4 weeks, “look over my shoulder” as I show you the exact SAME methods I've used to launch and scale hundreds of funnels successfully!

Launch and grow your biz in 
30 days...
and if you don't make ANY progress, I'll give you your money back! 


It Doesn’t Matter If...

You don’t have a product yet...or even a business right now!

You’re busy
with a full-time job or family obligations…

You don’t know much about ads and funnels

You’ve tried running ads before and they never worked...

I’ll Teach You Exactly What You Need to Know About Ads and Funnels in the Next 30 Days…

For Your Own Offers or Even Other People’s Products!
That’s right. 

You don’t even have to sell your own products to be successful with an online biz!

Here's What We Cover Over the Next 30 Days:

  • How to pick a GREAT offer or products that actually sell online
  • The 'secret hacks' I use to find my perfect buyer (and how to target them)
  • ​How to avoid the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make when selling online
  • ​3 things you MUST have in your product stack to get people to buy instantly
  • ​How to build out the right upsells that make people want to spend a lot more!
  • ​Step-by-step Facebook Campaign buildout -- it's not as hard as you think!
  • ​How to create ads that get the clicks AND the sales (without throwing $$ down the drain)
  • FUN ways to use your IG and FB accounts to drum up sales
  • ​How to set up quiz funnels that help you sell more products and services
  • Making more profits with a dialed-in backend (I'll show you what REALLY works)
  • ​...and So Much More! 

Start Now to Get Thousands of $$ Worth of Trainings, Swipe Files and Demos for Only $30


Here’s What People Are Saying…

Turn $30 Into GOLD in Just 30 Days

This Is for YOU If You Want To:

  • Learn EXACTLY how people are running a lucrative business online, from home, with just their laptop (and with no inventory or overhead!)
  • Set up funnels and ads the EASY way (and avoid paying thousands of dollars for courses and trainings that give you the SAME material!)
  • Swipe my own shortcuts and quick fixes to get a FULL funnel with ads up and running in 30 days or less. YES it can be done and no, you DON’T need to be a designer or coder to do it.
  • Stop dreaming and start DOING! This is a hyper-focused, guided DIY program that will take you from zero to LIVE in just 30 days. Simply follow what I show you each day and bring your business to life!

What We’ll Cover 
Over the Next 30 Days...

  PHASE 1:

  • Day 1: Perfecting Your Offer Or Picking Other Products to Promote
  • Day 2: Your Perfect Avatar Plan
  • Day 3: Your 10x Product Stack
  • Day 4: 10 Elements Of A High Converting Sales Page
  • Day 5: How To Double Initial Sales With Upsells
  • Day 6: Selling High Ticket + Agency Services
  • Day 7: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 8: Backend Profits
  • Day 9: Cart / Order Bump to Double Sales That Made Me 75k
  • Day 10: Million $ Funnel Road Map + Launch Plan!

  PHASE 2:

  • Day 11: Facebook Set Up & Creative Masterclass (I'll Give You My Top 20 ads out of 2000)
  • Day 12: Step-By-Step Facebook Campaign Build Out
  • Day 13: Facebook Audience Scale & Tricks
  • Day 14: Facebook CBO Management
  • Day 15: IG Story Ads For Crazy Sales
  • Day 16: Monitoring & Optimize Your Ads
  • Day 17: Advanced Facebook Bidding Strategies
  • ​Day 18: Rudy's Omnipresence Re-Targeting System
  • Day 19: 10x Scale Methods (Only Ever Shared Once At a $2000 Event)

  PHASE 3:

  • Day 20: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 21: Split Tests & Heatmaps to Scale
  • Day 22: Ecom Contest Funnels To Generate Unlimited Leads/Sales!
  • Day 23: 30x Million $ Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks
  • Day 24: Quiz Funnel Mastery
  • Day 25: SMS Text Message Secrets
  • Day 26: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • ​Day 27: Funnel Audits 
  • Day 28: LIVE Video Training with Rudy (recording)
  • Day 29: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • Day 30: 100 Million $ Guest Speaker Celebrity Training (recording) Worth $1000 alone!

Let Me Show You How to Set Up and SCALE Your Online Biz in the Next 30 Days!

Zero Funnel to LIVE in Just 30 Days!

So What’s Included?

More Than You Probably Ever Need! #justsayin

Here’s the CRAZY Amount of Stuff You Get When You Sign Up for the Challenge!

I’m basically giving it away at this point 😜

  • 30 Days Of High Level Videos & Training From Rudy Mawer ($997 Value)
  • 30 Days Of Practical Copy & Paste Systems, Including Ads, Funnels, etc. ($997 Value)
  • FREE 1-1 Onboarding Call & Funnel Audit with a Marketing Specialist
  • 15 of Rudy's Best Ever Funnels (Worth Over $100,00)
  • Rudy's Golden Nuggets - Dozens of short, sharp and powerful videos that you can pull gems on that cover a variety of high level topics ($997 Value) 

PLUS These 4 Bonuses!

  • Bonus: Full Recordings & Unlimited Access ($997 Value)
  • MEGA BONUS: $100 Million $ Celebrity Guest Training On Day 30 (Hint: He’s one of the Top 3 Marketers & Celebs in The World)
  • Bonus: Agency implementation: How to take your skills and go to small businesses to sell them a monthly $1000 package to do it for them ($997 Value).
  • Bonus: How To Sell Other Products Online with No Business - Perfect for people who just want to drop-ship or white label and sell other services, affiliates or network marketers! ($997 Value).

This is well over $7,976 in value but you’re getting it ALL 
right now for only $30.

No hidden fees. No recurring charges!

Get EVERYTHING I use myself to launch and scale ads and funnels for a single, one-time payment of just $30!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Over 100,000 Happy Members On Rudy's Programs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Join the 30-Day Challenge 
for $30 Now!

I know this is an INSANE deal. My team thinks I’m nuts for doing it. 

But it gets EVEN CRAZIER because…


Even though my challenge is super affordable, I still want to make sure you’re 100% happy. I never like to have any student leave unsatisfied.

As part of your full 30-day warranty, you have 30 days to go through the course with me, watch every video, take every funnel template and apply the tactics. 

After the 30 days, if it’s not everything I said and you don’t feel like you got amazing value, and you show me you’ve tried it daily by sending me your worksheets and logs, you get a full refund. We can even stay friends :)

About Rudy Mawer

  • Built and scaled 3 multi-million $ businesses of his own
  • Voted Top 20 Entrepreneur By Yahoo Finance
  • ​Marketing online with Facebook ads since 2011
  • Helps generate $100M+ in combined revenue for clients
  • Business Partner & Investor With Tai Lopez
  • ​The go-to marketer for Celebs, Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars and 9-Figure Businesses
  • ​Recognized as one of the Top 5 Facebook Ads & Funnel Experts in the world


Do I need a product/offer before I can do this challenge?
You don’t! I’ll teach you how to sell other people’s products, sell your own, or even offer services to sell other people’s offers as an agency within the first 3 days! 
What industries does this challenge apply to?
You can apply what you learn to virtually any industry or offer. I’ll give you tons of examples of winning funnels and offers that you can emulate for anything you’re selling. From ecomm products and supplements to coaching packages and agency services, you’ll be able to launch any type of offer with the skills you'll learn in the challenge.
Is It Too Late To Join?
NO! Even if you join a few days late, you get all the access to previous modules and can catch up. You also get access forever, incase you need to skip some days.
Do I Get Lifetime Access?
You get unlimited access to the whole course inside the membership site!
What Happens After The Course? Any Extra Fees?
Good question... After 30 days, you will still have unlimited access. You will be able to go and execute on your ideas and if you want to go a step further, of course, you can progress to one of Rudy's other courses and programs.
Can I Get A Job With Rudy?
YES! Maybe... In fact, just last year one member took his course, reached out to him and they started speaking. Fast forward a month, he became an intern. Then, fast forward a year, he went from being an intern, to being an account manager, earning $72,000 a year, traveling to Europe with Rudy and all his events, while managing million $ accounts. Rudy loves to hire people from his courses as he knows you will know more than 99% of people AND he sends his whole team through this course as he knows how valuable it is. 
Does It Matter About My Location?
No! It Does Not Matter! Lots of people are on this course from Europe, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and of course, the USA and Canada, etc. 
What other costs are involved?
None. Just a small investment of your time and dedication :) I recommend a few software programs and services I personally use, but you’re not obligated to buy anything. If you have a ClickFunnels account, you’ll be able to one-click import our templates to build your funnel but I’ll also give you a .png file of the templates for you to build your funnel on any other platform. You don’t HAVE to use ClickFunnels but a lot of people do because it’s easy to use. These softwares you can use are totally optional and very low cost (sub $100).
What’s the daily time commitment for something like this?
If you want to make serious progress with launching your funnel in the next 30 days, I would set aside about 30-60 minutes for each lesson and tasks for that day. 
Is it only for fitness/health funnels?
No, we’ll be covering a wide range of niches and verticals. You’ll be able to use the templates I share for virtually any offer. With that being said, I do have a lot of fitness examples simply because that was my first million $ funnel and business. 
What types of offers will I learn how to sell?
I’ll show you how to sell everything from a $20 ebook, to any other random product all the way up to a $5,000 coaching package in the next 30 days!
Will it work for SERVICE or IN PERSON businesses?
Yes 100%, i will show you how to sell all type of services, and, how to take your skills in business ONLINE! Lots of people with stores that are shut are taking this to go ONLINE and figure out how to adapt.
This looks great but I’m lazy. Can you just write my funnel copy for me?
Possibly! I recruit entrepreneurs for an exclusive Case Study program where my elite team and I build your entire funnel for you. This includes the sales page, upsells, Facebook ads and emails. If this is something you’re interested in, head here to book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit.
What support do I have?
I’ll be doing live Q&A sessions for one to two hours every week and more as the challenge progresses via WhatsApp. You can also submit a funnel audit request if you want me to review your funnel and provide video feedback. Feel free to contact at any time with technical support and other questions. 

Need More Proof?

Trust These Other Millionaires & Business Owners Who Trust Me To Market Their Business

Successful Launch + Over 40,000 Leads!

“They are fantastic. They are faithful geniuses...they have an incredible team that can help you with many aspectsof your business, including your sales copy, landing pages...the entire team is SO dynamic. ” 
~ Isa,

400% Boost in Leads

“The best marketing agency experience I’ve ever had...I’ve never worked with a company that truly CARES about their clients in the way that I’ve seen they care...hire them right now!”
~ Sterling, LifeChanger Academy

Fantastic Work with Facebook Ads!

 “We’ve had fantastic work on the Facebook ads side from Rudy and his team...and they’ve been killing it for us with sales page copy, design and coding.” 
~ Spencer, Microbe Formulas

Help You Build a Business Better than You Can Do On Your Own!

“Our goal was to try and do $100K in 24 hours. The team helps build a business for you, bigger than what you could do on your own. They never miss a phone call, never miss a beat.” 
~ Mike, Coffee Over Cardio

First Agency to Scale to Cold Traffic

“Those guys were absolutely crushing it for us and our business running Facebook ads... they’re constantly testing new stuff and getting new stuff out there. It’s only been a few months but we’re seeing a positive ROI week after week after week.” 
~ Jonathan, Organixx

Biggest Month in the History of Our Company!

In less than 30 days of being with the team, wehad the biggest month in the history of our company... I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have the best of the best on my team…” 
~ Christina, Beautiful Disaster

ROI Within the First Few Months!

“So in the first few months of working with the team, we generated a 10x return on ad spend on our webinar funnel...they’ve been absolutely awesome to work with...The team are awesome communicators, a really great bunch of people, and they get things done.” 
~ Niyc, Positive Psychologist & Success Coach

Made a Drastic Impact to My Business!

“The drastic changes on my business have already been massive...Facebook ads, funnels, lead generation, upselling, all of these things I’ve worked with over the last 6 months with them.” 
~ Dr. Chris Spearman

Don’t Hire Them for Your Ads

“What I love about them is not only do they understand how to acquire new leads and clients for your business, they’ve actually done it themselves...They're always adding value, always looking for ways to make the pie bigger, not just take their slice. In summary, don’t hire them - they're so good I want them to myself!” 
~ Yuri

They Take On ALL the Work for You! 

"You don’t really have to do anything at all because they take on all the work for you...he [Rudy] does such a good job of taking care of everyone that he works with.”
~ Lauren

Over 400% Growth in 3 Months!

“They scaled us to be 4x bigger within the first few months...very impressive result and it’s just a lot more than just marketing...the copy they come up, the creative content ideas, the funnel ideas and frankly the business advice too...I consider them friends, mentors and partners...I would recommend them to everybody!”
~ Ishan, Decibel Hearing Aids

Mastered My Voice & Scaled My Brand -The Best Agency Experience Ever

“My company would not be doing what it’s doing now without [them]. Their ability to nail my message, from Day 1, the very first ad they made for me was better than any ad I’ve ever had for any of my programs or products...they were able to help me with my message to my target market... everything they’ve done so far has been the best experience.” 
~ Aaron, AthleteX

Unprecedented Results &60,000 Leads Per Month

“The numbers have been super impressive...we’re doing $7M annually so it’s helpful to have the right people to make things work...they are bringing us in about 15,000 leads a week with our docuseries...these guys are crushing it!” 
~ Jonathan, Health Secrets
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