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Case Study:

How We Helped a Women's E-commerce Clothing Brand Scale Rapidly in 30 Days and Achieve Their Biggest Month in Company History


Beautiful Disaster is a multi-million dollar clothing brand owned by Christina DuVarney. The company sells branded clothing promoting strength and empowerment for women.

Biggest Month in the History of Our Company!

In less than 30 days of being with the team, we had the biggest month in the history of our company... I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have the best of the best on my team…” 
Christina DuVarney


Christina had all the ingredients for a great offer and scaling on Facebook but needed help structuring a great offer and generating more sales from both warm and cold traffic. Her goal was to generate sales with a new bundle offer and scale existing campaigns


  • Generating sales from cold traffic campaigns - previous media buyers were mostly targeting warm traffic/existing customers
  • Developing a core offer vs. sending people to the storefront to shop
  • ​Consistently getting a high ROAS to say profitable


  • Designed, launched and optimized two bundle offer funnels  
  • Created an upsell strategy to increase AOV
  • Started running offers to cold traffic and scaled rapidly
  • Developed KILLER ad copy for other products in the store as new inventory became available, helping further skyrocket sales 
  • ​Developed high-converting video scripts and video ads to further boost sales


  • 3 - 5x+ ROAS consistently
  • Over 5,000+ sales in only 4 months
  • Made December their biggest month in company history

The company is growing and scaling like crazy right now, and we are still knocking out high-converting ads and landing pages for Beautiful Disaster campaigns!

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