Grab My Winning Ad Swipes, Sales Page Templates, and Top Emails That Help You Sell Virtually Anything Online! 

Grab a Massive Library of My Top-Performing  Templates and Swipes From My Agency For Our Clients & Myself!

Copy & Paste Them, Edit and Start Using Them IMMEDIATELY In Your Business!

From the Desk of Rudy Mawer 
ROI Machines - Clearwater, FL
Dear Friend,

If you’re trying to sell ANY type of product or service online, you NEED great copy to get people to buy...

But the truth is, you don’t have to hire a professional copywriter for $100 an hour to write emails, ads, and sales pages that bring in the $$!

All you really need are the FRAMEWORKS today’s world-class copywriters use to write compelling and engaging words that CONVERT.

I'm talking about FRAMEWORKS that have been tried & tested thousands of times.

FRAMEWORKS that have worked not just for me, but, for over 300 + clients.

FRAMEWORKS that have helped me build large businesses for myself, people like Tai Lopez & grown my agency to over 50 employees!

And, the same FRAMEWORKS that have helped me make over 100,000 sales by 26 years old, and over 1 million sales (sales, not revenue!) by just 29 years old!

They aren't really FRAMEWORKS....


Or, Hidden CHEAT-CODES...

So if you ever find yourself spending hours trying to write a good website page, Shopify listing, or, Facebook ad...

Or struggling to write emails that will get people buying…

And wish there was an EASIER way to pull together a sales page with some data drive, tested methods that gets people adding to cart, buying more or calling you for a consult...

It’s time to…

Steal My PROVEN Templates and Swipes that Have Generated Millions in Sales SoYou Don’t Have to Figure It All Out On Your Own!

These ads, emails and sales funnels are TOP PERFORMERS from thousands of campaigns written by me and top copywriters at my multi-million dollar marketing agency.

You wouldn’t know about them unless you spent months testing and probably thousands of dollars running promos to see what works. 

As the owner of one of the world’s top Facebook™ ads and funnel agencies, I have this advantage.

I help my clients generate over $100M a year with ads and funnels so I know a thing or two about what CONVERTS…
I know what gets ATTENTION on Facebook…

What gets the CLICKS on emails…

And what turns visitors into BUYERS on sales pages…

I train my marketing team and copywriters on all of this...

And now, I’ve compiled thousands of dollars worth of market intel into one MASSIVE swipe file library for you.

Yours for the taking! 

All of these swipes and templates have been battle-tested and sent to thousands of people before
being declared a “winner”, so...
You Can Be 100% Confident You’re Following Something That’s Been Tested and Actually Works!

Now You Can Customize My “Done-For-You” Templates for Your Business and Use Them Within Minutes!

Here’s what’s included:

10X “Sales Multiplier” Funnel Templates 

Trying to set up your landing page or homepage? 


So many people make the mistake of sending traffic to a home page or simple landing page. 

The truth is, you can make SERIOUS sales with a dedicated funnel page.

A well-designed funnel is one of the keys to success when selling anything online but most people get this part WRONG.

So I’m here to help you do it right the first time.

I’m including 10 of my BEST sales funnel templates you can literally “copy and paste” to make your own!

This is perfect for you if you’re selling:
  • Ecommerce Products
  • High-Ticket Coaching
  • Info Products
  • Fitness Programs
  • Courses & Workshops
  • Virtually Anything Online!
You never have to write a sales page from scratch with all of this mapped out for you!
These were made by world-class designers and copywriters -- the same team that’s helped me generate millions for myself and my clients!

And now, you can literally steal them from me and use them to sell your own products and services!

15X High-Converting Facebook Ads

Now you never have to wonder, “what should I write for my ads?!”

From ecommerce to high-ticket coaching, I’m handing over WINNING Facebook ad copy examples that convert like crazy. 

My team and I have generated thousands a day from these ads and I’m even including extra swipes from my “Spy File” our competitors are using!

When you see how these winning ads are written and set’ll kick yourself for wasting hundreds, maybe thousands on ads you were trying to make yourself!

Because all of these ads have some key things in common that STILL work on Facebook -- even months and years later. 

Most people have NO IDEA why these work so well! 

But these types of ads keep getting the clicks and the sales.

And now I’m handing over 15 of the BEST swipes you can use for virtually any offer!

My “$100K” Email Templates

Whether you’re trying to sell info products, clothes, or coaching packages online, you need to “work the list!”

Emails are one of the most powerful sales tools you can use to generate profits quickly -- even from people who have already bought from you! 

For some of us in the game, email marketing makes over $100,000 a year easily. Heck, the big guys are making millions per year just with emails…

Myself, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Joel Marion, you name them; we ALL know the importance of email marketing to make MAJOR MONEY on AUTOPILOT!

In fact, email marketing can actually really benefit your life (and get you out of some sticky situations).


When I was new to the USA, I happened to spend a little too much and underestimated my tax bill for the year…

I had to make cash fast.

In fact, I owed the IRS $76,654.50.

So, what did I do? I did a massive 10-day email promo and made around $75,000 during that time…
Now, I’m not telling you this to brag but I do want you to understand the POWER of email marketing and see REAL-LIFE examples…

And…if you think that’s impressive, I have friends making 10 times what I am making from email marketing.

Now I’m literally giving you my Top 5 Campaigns that generated over $100,000 in sales.

I’m going to give you them to copy for your own personal use. All you have to do is edit them to match your product and launch, paste them in from the document and BOOM! 

You’re off to the races!

Here’s what’s included:
  • Email Sequence #1: Membership Site Promo Launch with VIP Upgrade (The Upgrade Alone Made me over $25,000)
  • Email Sequence #2: Ebook / Ecomm Product Launch Pre-Sale (This made me over $30,000 before I had even made or launched the product!)
  • Email Sequence #3: 1-1 Coaching / Consulting Email Blast (This made me over $40,000 just for 1-1 coaching)
  • Email Sequence #4: 3-Day Highly Converting Follow-Up Sequence Pushing Any Product (This has made me over $50,000 just added into an automation that turns new leads into buying customers! It also let me grow my list by 40,000 members using FB ads)
  • Email Sequence #5: Crazy Converting $$$ Cart Abandonment Sequence (This made me over $20,000 just by capturing people who left the cart before finishing their order!!)

3x Top-Performing Opt-In Pages

Wondering how to get people onto your email list? Use these eye-catching and engaging opt-in page swipes as inspiration to make your own!
These pages have generated hundreds and thousands of leads from COLD traffic. Whether you’re giving away an ebook or a video training, use these as a guide to create a killer opt-in page!

6x Profit Booster Upsell Pages

Building your backend is KEY to making your funnels profitable. But most people completely forget to add products AFTER the sale for hot buyers. Use these upsell page swipes to give your funnel a boost!
I’ve used similar pages to add hundreds to the Average Order Value (AOV) for my own offers and clients’ offers. You don’t want to miss these!

The “Ultimate Checkout Page” Template

There are lots of theories of what works on a checkout page...and then there’s the stuff that WORKS! Let me show you why I’m a big fan of the “One-Step Checkout” and what that looks like. Once you see how simple (and effective) this is, you won’t use anything else!
This is one of the BEST deals I’ve ever put together.

But it gets even better.

Because not only do you get thousands of dollars worth of swipes and templates you can start using TODAY, but you’re also getting THREE fast action bonuses!

🌟 🌟 FAST ACTION BONUS #1: 30-Day Ads & Funnels Challenge🌟 🌟

Make the most of these swipes and templates with a full month of video trainings about setting up funnels and ads that convert! I'll show you step-by-step how to launch a funnel, set up ad campaigns, optimize, and so much more. You'll find thousands of dollars worth of value in this program alone, yours FREE when you say yes today!

FAST ACTION BONUS #2: Rudy's Disabled Ad Account Recovery Method!

Easily Worth Over $1000... Yours FREE Today As A Special Bonus!

There's nothing worse than waking up to a banned ad account. Compliance is becoming harder everyday, but luckily for you, I work directly with top compliance managers at Facebook. 

I will give you my customized RECOVERY EMAIL which has allowed us to restore dozens of ad accounts back with success. All you need to do is input your ad account name, change one sentence and then hit send.

NOTE: This Recovery Email doesn't guarantee your account will be recovered, but it gives you the best chance possible, most people can never get an account back, we get about 50% of ours recovered.

FAST ACTION BONUS #3: FREE TICKET for a LIVE Training with Rudy!

Claim your FREE Ticket to the next LIVE training with Rudy where he’ll be sharing the latest ads and funnels secrets that generate millions for his agency and his own offers. 

These LIVE interactive trainings are a great way to get your ads questions answered and see what’s working now. 


Hop on a free call with one of Rudy’s Marketing Specialists for a FREE Business Audit! We’ll learn a little about your business so can get the most out of these swipes and get more sales!


100% “Results in 30 Days” Promise!

I KNOW these emails, ads, and funnel pages WORK. They’ve all been tested and are very easy to edit and make your own. 

And I’m so confident they will get you AMAZING results...that I’ll give you your money back if they don’t outperform what you’re doing now! 

That’s right. Use my templates and swipes to create a better version for your business. Test them out, and if they don’t do better than the originals, I’ll refund you 100% of your purchase. Just show me what you did over the 30 days and what the results were -- I know mine will win 😉

Get My “Done For You” Swipes & Templates Library NOW!

So just to recap, I’m giving away a TON of winning swipes and templates you can use in your business RIGHT NOW...
  • 10X “Sales Multiplier” Templates
  • 15X High-Converting Facebook Ads
  • My “$100K” Email Templates
  • 3X Top-Performing Opt-In Page Swipes
  • 6X Profit Booster Upsell Page Swipes
  • The “Ultimate Checkout Page” Template
Together, these are easily worth over $4,798 alone!


  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1: Rudy's Disabled Ad Account Recovery Method! ($999 value)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2: GOLDEN TICKET for LIVE Training with Rudy ($499 value)

Normal Price: $199

Only $29!





About Rudy Mawer

  • Built and scaled 3 multi-million $ businesses of his own
  • ​Voted Top 20 Entrepreneur By Yahoo Finance
  • Marketing online with Facebook ads since 2011
  • ​Helps generate $100M+ in combined revenue for clients
  • ​Business Partner & Investor With Tai Lopez
  • The go-to marketer for Celebs, Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars and 9-Figure Businesses
  • Recognized as one of the Top 5 Facebook Ads & Funnel Experts in the world


Can I use these for any business?
Yep! These are designed for anyone trying to sell something online. From ecommerce to coaching packages, use these to create winning ads, emails and sales pages whenever you need them!
Can I use these more than once?
Absolutely! Everything’s customizable. You can use the “done-for-you” templates and swipes to write as many emails, ads and sales pages as you want!
 This looks great but I’m lazy. Can you just write my funnel copy for me?
Possibly! I recruit entrepreneurs for an exclusive Case Study program where my elite team and I build your entire funnel for you. This includes the sales page, upsells, Facebook ads and emails. If this is something you’re interested in, head here to book a call and let’s see if it’s a fit.
How do refunds work?
I’m so confident my “Done-For-You” templates and swipes will get you AMAZING results...that I’ll give you your money back if they don’t outperform what you’re doing now! 

Use my templates and swipes to create a better version for your business. Test them out, and if they don’t do better than the originals, I’ll refund you 100% of your purchase. Just submit a Refund Request Form at the bottom of this page or email to show me what you did and what the results were -- I know mine will win 😉
How long until I get results?
Most of this will depend on your offer and your audience. I can’t promise you’ll get instant results like I did with a lot of these but I CAN promise you’ll get some traction. Try them out and let me know how it goes!
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