DISCLAIMER: Results are from Rudy’s agency clients who pay a monthly retainer for services -- results are not implied or guaranteed. This is for illustrative purposes only showcasing Rudy’s expertise, past results, and team’s abilities. Results in the Accelerator Case Study program will vary depending on your offer, ad budget, and other factors.

Case Study:

How We Helped a Health Entrepreneur Generate Over 40,000 Leads and a 2X ROAS on Cold Traffic


Isa Herrera, MSPT is the founder of PelvicPainRelief.com, a site dedicated to helping women heal from pelvic pain and health issues.

Successful Launch + Over 40,000 Leads!

They are fantastic. They are faithful geniuses...they have an incredible team that can help you with many aspects of your business, including your sales copy, landing pages...the entire team is SO dynamic. ” 
Isa Herrera


Isa was looking to transition out of doing live launches every few months and wanted to automate her business to make it more evergreen. She needed the most help developing a solid Facebook ad strategy and developing a plan for sales of her V-Core flagship product. Her goal was lower ad costs and lead costs while generating sales of the V-Core product.


  • Unable to generate a high volume of high-quality leads per day while keeping costs down
  • Developing a core offer vs. sending people to the storefront to shop
  • ​Consistently getting a high ROAS to say profitable


  • Designed, launched and optimized her entire Facebook ad strategy  
  • Developed a lead gen strategy that reduced leads down to $0.41/lead!
  • Created a powerful lead magnet that spoke to her audience and previewed her $149 offer
  • Developed more powerful ads and creative to attract and engage her target audience, which naturally bought ad costs down  
  • ​Executed a video campaign strategy that generated over a 15X ROAS!


  • 2x+ ROAS consistently on COLD traffic
  • Over $500,000 in revenue from a single launch
  • Generated over 1,000 leads per day for less than $1 per opt-in!

These numbers were virtually unheard of in the health space Isa’s working within and she was more than thrilled with the results!

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