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Case Study:

How We Developed Viral Campaigns for an eCommerce Store and Stayed Super Profitable at Scale


 Microbe Formulas was developed by two of the world's leading doctors and is now recognized as a leading gut health and parasite cleansing supplement company. They were doing fairly well with organic traffic but wanted to scale rapidly.

Fantastic Work with Facebook Ads!

 “We’ve had fantastic work on the Facebook ads side from Rudy and his team...and they’ve been killing it for us with sales page copy, design and coding.”
Spencer, Microbe Formula


We partnered with Microbe Formulas because they had a great product line with lots of positive reviews, a strong following, and the motivation to go BIG! Their goal was to scale their supplement offers to cold traffic and continue building a solid customer base.


  • Low average order value (AOV) so either break even or in the red with paid ads
  • Poorly optimized Facebook ad campaigns
  • ​Discounts that took away from bottom line profits
  • ​One of their top-selling products is time bound (Full Moon) and they didn’t have a strategy to sell it all month long


  • Designed, launched and optimized Full Moon Challenge and other offers  
  • Made blog content go viral with fresh creative and intriguing hooks
  • Created a powerful retargeting strategy that dramatically increased AOV
  • Launched more benefits-driven sales pages for key products to boost conversions 


  • Viral campaigns generated up to 7x ROAS!
  • Turned timebound Full Moon campaign into evergreen campaign
  • Retargeting strategy generated up to 60X ROAS with a $2.50 CPA!
  • ​Company reported profits of $225k per month AT SCALE!

Microbe Formulas continues to run super profitable campaigns with paid ads and is now selling more products to existing buyers with creative product bundles and kits. 

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