DISCLAIMER: Results are from Rudy’s agency clients who pay a monthly retainer for services -- results are not implied or guaranteed. This is for illustrative purposes only showcasing Rudy’s expertise, past results, and team’s abilities. Results in the Accelerator Case Study program will vary depending on your offer, ad budget, and other factors.

Case Study:

How We Generated a 10X Return on Ad Spend for a High-Ticket Coaching Webinar Funnel


Niyc Pidgeon is a successful Positive Psychologist and Coach for female entrepreneurs. She is also an author and public speaker so a lot of her online content is linked to her personal brand.

ROI Within the First Few Months!

“So in the first few months of working with the team, we generated a 10x return on ad spend on our webinar funnel...they’ve been absolutely awesome to work with...The team are awesome communicators, a really great bunch of people, and they get things done.” 
Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist & Success Coach


Niyc had the ingredients for a high-converting Facebook ads funnel but needed help executing it properly to close more high-ticket coaching packages. She also needed help dialing in her webinar funnels and application sales pages.

We knew Niyc had a lot of warm traffic from her Instagram stories and email list but she wanted to attract NEW prospects into her funnel and sell high-ticket programs.
Her goal was to increase sales of her $997 and $15k coaching programs on cold and warm traffic.


  • Driving high-quality traffic/generating quality leads through current funnel
  • Overcoming Facebook compliance issues
  • ​Having a funnel structure that supported a high-ticket program


  • Generated over 100 high-ticket sales  
  • Redesigned webinar funnels
  • Wrote video scripts and provided guidance for video content creation
  • Launched compliant FB ads for opt-ins and offers  
  • ​Redesigned webinar slides
  • ​Provided a copy refresh and redesign of all webinar opt-in pages and application sales pages


  • 10x ROI
  • Over 100 New Coaching Students
  • High-Converting Webinar Funnels

Niyc is working in a very niche market and selling high-ticket in this space isn’t easy. However, optimizing her lead funnels and developing compelling content for Facebook and IG helped her achieve amazing results! 

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